The spread of the culture of graffiti

In 1979, graffiti artist Lee Quinones and Fab 5 Freddy were opening an art gallery in Rome by agents Claudio Bruni. To many outside of New York was their first encounter with this art form. Fab 5 Freddy friendship with Debbie Harry Blondie influenced single "Rapture" (Chrysalis, 1981), a video featuring Jean-Michel Basquiat SAMO © Graffiti, and offer many their first look at the picture elements of culture hip-hop graffiti. More important here, Charlie Ahearn's independently released fiction film Wild Style (Wild Style, 1982), and early PBS documentary Style Wars (1983). Hit songs like "The Message" and "Planet Rock" and music videos that accompany them (both 1982) contributed to a growing interest outside New York in all aspects of hip hop.Style war represented not only a graffiti artist called Skeme, Dondi, and Zephyr Minon, but also strengthened the role of graffiti appeared in the New York hip, hop culture is famous for combining the early break dance groups like Rock Steady Crew in the film which also includes a rap soundtrack only. Style Wars is still recognized as representing the most productive of the film is set in the hip-hop youth culture 1980s.Fab Initial 5 Freddy and Futura 2000 took hip-hop graffiti in Paris and London in New York City Rap Tour in 1983. Hollywood is also interesting to observe in such writers as Phase 2, describing the culture and give it international exposure in movies like "Beat Street (Orion, 1984).

graffitiThis period also saw the emergence of new type stencil graffiti. Some early examples were created around 1981 by the tin in rats graffiti in Paris in 1985 stencil has appeared in other cities like New York, Sydney and Melbourne, where they were documented by American and Australian photographer photographer Charles Gatewood Rennie Ellis.