Is it light graffiti?

Is it light graffiti?

consisting of rows of bright light in some of Sheffield more popular in public places will be displayed on the television screen in the UK.
Images - which include bright neon sparks - who was assigned as part of the campaign and television created by the artist 'light graffiti' Michael Boasnko.

Images are captured in the beautiful city of Sheffield Botanical Gardens site and including the conservatory and was created using a long exposure and color planes for different torch "Drawing with light" - as children do with sparklers.

Its effect 'light graffiti is created by taking pictures at night so that the dazzling lights to stand out.

Artists are to map each image in mind and using a reference point on land to remember where he shined. Amazingly, Michael did not use the image of software change.

Talk Talk broadband service provider assigns an image as part of a national campaign of television advertising, which launched Saturday. The campaign also featured an image taken in Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh and London.

The word artist of his time in Sheffield: "It's a weekend special race in the United Kingdom, working late at night and try to stay ahead of the rising sun. I've never been in Sheffield for many years and remember how beautiful.

"Having access to botanical gardens and winter in the middle of the night is the ideal setting to create bright flowers."