Graffiti bubble letters 3D concept

graffiti_bubble _letters
Personification Visual hip-hop. regardless of what the most information possible about a middle-aged suburban white people think, limited to stickers Graffiti (Postal), TAG (conducted with the pilot, flow pen, KR INK, house markers, etc.) , throw-ups (also called Throwies, and done in the paint. they are usually only a bubble-style letters from a writters with 3D or shadow), parts (short working and also known as burners, they range from relatively simple to elaborate and complex designs, the style known as Wild style. These pieces take several hours to do and is considered the highest level of graffiti), and finally character (a representation of the comic writers alter ego). Graffiti should not be confused with vandalism, rude, not a sign or destruction, the aim of causing damage to property, regardless of the call aesthetic. Graffiti is just the opposite. Is not GRAFFITI ART IS, why spend hours practicing and writers sketches in a sketchbook? also, there are things that are considered illegal and unethical, and should not be touched. some of these things are
residential property (except in the house of a writer you know personally and with beef)
church or place of worship
car (unless discontinued)
This is just the basics and different writers can restrict ourselves from other things.
Graffiti is 90% of the time not gang related. gangs, however, can not con ...